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9ct Yellow Gold Necklace set with a Garnet ~ Campbeltown Cross

Gold Necklace of Campbeltown Cross by Grant Logan Campbeltown Cross gold and garnet pendant by Grant Logan Campbeltown Cross

Golden Kintyre - a gem of a place!

Campbeltown Cross is represented in this hand made 9ct gold pendant necklace, and is set with a fiery round garnet. The colour which immediately springs to mind when you think of the heart, of love, and of warmth, is undoubtedly red. Consequently, Grant's choice of gem is no accident. Garnet is a natural gem of unadulterated beauty and undisputed warmth - sums up this special place perfectly!
The Campbeltown Cross is probably the finest example of a medieval carving in Kintyre, dating back to the 14th century. It has elaborately carved Celtic knot work and carvings, though the central detail of the crucifixion was removed, probably around the time of the Reformation.
Tradition has it that everyone's last journey - to the cemetery - must pass Campbeltown Cross, and this still holds true today.
The Campbeltown Cross is in fact so heavily decorated that Grant felt it would be better to capture the heart of Campbeltown more subtly in this gold cross, and in so doing has created a beautiful gold cross to treasure.

9 carat Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace with a 4mm round Garnet on an 18 inch 9 carat Yellow Gold Chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland