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9ct Gold Earrings of Island of Gigha

Gold Earrings of Island of Gigha by Grant Logan Gigha

Golden Kintyre - a gem of a place!

Hand made gold earrings in the shape of the Island of Gigha. Anyone who has visited this peaceful Scottish island will surely wish to take a bit of it away with them. Gigha possesses a magical touch, as does Kintyre as a whole, as though untouched by the negative elements of modern life.
The Norse King Hakon named the island Gudey, meaning the Good Isle. The Gaels adjusted the name to Gigha, but Good Isle it undoubtedly is with its array of unspoilt sandy beaches and clear waters with a wealth of wildlife.
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9 carat Yellow Gold Earrings

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Scottish Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland