Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Campbeltown Loch

Campbeltown Loch Hand Made Gold Brooch

Campbeltown Loch gold brooch by Grant Logan Campbeltown Loch

Campbeltown Loch - rich in beauty and history

As the traditional folk song goes:

Now Campbeltown Loch is a beautiful place,
But the price of the whisky is grim.
How nice it would be if the whisky was free
And the Loch was filled up to the brim.

Grant has also designed matching earrings ~ pendant ~ bracelet ~ ring ~ cufflinks

Anyone with a connection to Campbeltown, or who has enjoyed a holiday amongst the warm friendliness and unrivalled beauty of the Campbeltown area would be proud to wear a permanent reminder of this golden place.

9 carat Yellow Gold Campbeltown Loch Brooch

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Scottish Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland