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Davaar Island Gold Pendant

Davaar Island Gold Pendant by Grant Logan Gold Pendant of Davaar Island by Grant Logan
Davaar Island

Campbeltown Loch - rich in beauty and history

Both beautiful and protective, Island Davaar sits at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch. In summer it is a rich green, becoming golden and no less beautiful in autumn. Steep and rocky towards the south due to the force of the sea, a number of caves have been formed including one containing a rock painting of the crucifixion. Viewed from the town, Davaar Island is perhaps at its most stunning at dawn as the golden sun rises over its top, as captured in this pretty gold necklace created by Grant.

If you are not lucky enough to have Island Davaar in your sights, this lovely necklace will be a warm reminder of a place close to your heart.

9 carat Gold Pendant Necklace supplied with an 18 inch 9ct yellow gold chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland