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Davaar Island Lighthouse Gold Pendant

davaar island lighthouse gold pendant necklace by Grant Logan lighthouse gold pendant necklace by Grant Logan Davaar Island and lighthouse

Campbeltown Loch - rich in beauty and history

Beautiful and protective, the small but varied island of Davaar is a focal point in Campbeltown Loch and has been creatively translated into this delightful hand made gold necklace. Your own Davaar to take anywhere around the world.
Grant has enjoyed many a 'round Davaar' dinghy race over the years - made more exciting by the fact that the narrow shingle bank joining the island to the mainland at low tide is just about navigable in a dinghy at high water.
The reassuringly regular flash from Davaar's lighthouse has saved the lives of many over the years. The lighthouse (designed by David and Thomas Stevenson, sons of Robert Stevenson) was constructed on the mainland first, and bricks numbered before it was disassembled and then rebuilt permanently on site.

This gold lighthouse necklace would also make the perfect gift for anyone who loves that raw nature where land and sea meet

9 carat Gold Pendant Necklace supplied with an 18 inch 9ct yellow gold chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland