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9ct Gold Celtic Kilt pin

Gold Celtic Kiltpin by Grant Logan kiltpin on tartan

Historical Celtic Kintyre - translated into gold

A gold Celtic kilt pin crafted by hand in Scotland must be the ultimate Highland Dress accessory, and this quality solid gold Celtic kilt pin makes the perfect special gift for a man.

Prior to the reign of Queen Victoria, the Scottish kilt was worn without a pin. As a result there were many embarrassing moments due to the frequent high winds to which Scotland is prone, combined with the fact that nothing in the nature of undergarments was worn with the kilt.
It is said that one day Queen Victoria arrived on a visit to Balmoral Castle and reviewed the Gordon Highlanders. A stiff wind was blowing and one young soldier standing to attention was unable to control his flapping kilt. The Queen noticed his embarrassment and walked over to him, removed a pin from her own dress, leant over, and pinned it to the overlap of his kilt.
And that is the origin of the kilt pin!

9 carat Yellow Gold Celtic Kilt pin

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Gold Celtic Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland