Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Charming Kintyre

9ct Yellow Gold Retriever Dog Charm

yellow gold retriever dog charm by Grant Logan golden retriever

Charming Kintyre ~ Small but Perfectly Formed

Wear a bit of Kintyre with you every day by mixing and matching Grant Logan's solid gold hand crafted charm jewellery. Designed with detachable lobster catch fittings, you can easily and securely attach and remove the charms from a bracelet or necklace chain to give ever changing jewellery options - as many or as few as you like.
And if you have a specific hobby or love then Grant is very happy to design a new charm for you.

Who doesn't love a retriever? This hand made gold retriever dog charm is the perfect jewellery gift for a dog lover - you could of course ask Grant to make a charm for any breed of dog.

9 carat Yellow Gold Retriever Dog Charm with a Lobster Catch Fitting

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Charms Designed and Hand Crafted in Kintyre