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9ct Yellow Gold Pendant

yellow gold pendant necklace by Grant Logan Kintyre's mini Giant's Causeway

Kintyre Coast ~ Wonderful Waves and Bewitching Beaches

The inspiration for this modern necklace design came from Kintyre's very own mini Giant's Causeway. The rocks at a beach near Campbeltown have the same unusual structure as those a few miles away on the coast of Northern Ireland. Proof, if proof was needed, of our long and close connection to our Celtic cousins.
The natural design of these rocks was responsible for the birth of this stunning and unusual hand crafted gold pendant. Thanks to its open design this large designer pendant manages to deliver a generous proportion without making it too prohibitive.

9 carat Yellow Gold Pendant on a 20 inch 9 carat Gold Chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by our Coast