Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Kintyre Coast

9ct Yellow Gold Dangly Earrings Inspired by the Sea

yellow gold long earrings by Grant Logan Kintyre shore

Kintyre Coast ~ Wonderful Waves and Bewitching Beaches

These striking designer long gold earrings have their origins in the reassuring ebb and flow of the tide as it laps - or crashes - on to the beautiful Kintyre beaches which Grant loves to walk.
Cleverly, Grant has incorporated this coastal theme to give these eye catching hand made gold earrings a distinct yet subtle Celtic flavour .

You may also be interested in Grant's matching choker necklace, bangle and ring. These jewellery designs follow this same coastal theme.

9 carat Yellow Gold Earring Drops

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by our Coast