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18ct Yellow Gold Engagement Ring ~ Sapphire and Diamond

sapphire and diamond engagement ring by Grant Logan sapphire and diamond engagement ring by Grant Logan inspiration for engagement ring sunset over campbeltown loch

Propose with a precious engagement ring

Grant Logan's engagement rings are hand made using the best quality ingredients and are finished to perfection by this talented and skilled goldsmith.

Sapphires symbolise loyalty, a couple's love and longing. The blue of the sapphire has become a colour which fits in with everything that is constant and reliable - qualities of this lovely precious gemstone itself. The brilliant blue of a sapphire always looks even more stunning when accompanied by the crystal clarity of a diamond, and here these two offset beauties are cocooned within the loving embrace of yellow gold.

A matching wedding ring for this Scottish made designer engagement ring is available separately in Grant's Kintyre Wedding Ring Collection.

Grant can also make this engagement ring for you in white gold if you prefer, or perhaps with a different gem combination, just email or phone for information.

18 carat Yellow Gold Engagement Ring set with a 3.5mm round Sapphire and 0.16ct round brilliant cut Diamond of VS2 - SI1 quality within 18 carat Yellow Gold Claw Settings

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Special Engagement Rings of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Scotland, UK