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9ct Gold Bagpipe Earrings

Gold bagpipe earrings by Grant Logan Pipe band Kintyre

Inspirational Kintyre - as precious as gold!

A pair of gold bagpipe earrings hand made in Scotland make the perfect present for any lass who plays the pipes herself, or for those with Scottish roots.
The exact origins of the bagpipe remains hazy, but has long been recognised as Scotland's national instrument.
Long ago Highland pipers were strongly influenced by their background of Celtic legends and the wild landscape. The Highland piper occupied a high and honoured position within the Clan system, and if you could play well your piping skills secured a comfortable life.
Bagpipes dwindled in their popularity, but were rekindled by Queen Victoria's enthusiasm for them, and have been increasing in popularity over more recent years.
Here in Kintyre there are very vibrant and successful pipe bands.

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9 carat Yellow Gold Bagpipe Earrings

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Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland