Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Essence of Kintyre

9ct Gold Bagpipe Necklace

Gold bagpipe necklace by Grant Logan Pipe band Kintyre

Inspirational Kintyre - as precious as gold!

A hand crafted gold bagpipe necklace from Scotland to proudly show the world your Scottish roots.
The stirring sound of the Scottish Highland bagpipe is synonymous with strength, courage and heroism for which Scots have been renowned throughout the world.
Apparently not everyone likes the sound of the bagpipe, jokes denigrating this instrument abound;
Did you hear the one about the piper who parked his car with the windows open, forgetting that he had left his bagpipes in the back seat?
He rushed back as soon as he realized, but it was too late...someone had already put two more sets of bagpipes in the car!
Anyone lucky enough to see the Mull of Kintyre Pipe Bands perform could not fail to be moved.

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9 carat Yellow Gold Bagpipe Necklace on an 18 inch 9 carat Yellow Gold Chain

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Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland