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9ct Gold Articulating Oak Leaf Earrings

Gold articulating oak leaf earrings by Grant Logan oak leaves

Inspirational Kintyre - as precious as gold!

This design sums up Grant Logan's unique gold jewellery quite well, being based on his logo design of an abstract oak leaf. Each segment of his gold leaf articulates to give a unique movement and flow to these delightful designer gold dangly earrings.
A symbol of strength and endurance, the mighty oak is admired and cherished throughout Britain and beyond. These worthy traits were part of the reason why Grant chose the oak leaf as his signature design, but equally it was because of the beautiful shape of the mighty oak and its leaves at any time of the year. He has certainly successfully captured and translated this organic appeal into these most unusual and creative hand made gold drop earrings.

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9 carat Yellow Gold Earrings

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Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland