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9ct Gold Articulating Oak Leaf Necklace

Gold articulating oak leaf necklace by Grant Logan oak leaves

Inspirational Kintyre - as precious as gold!

This design sums up Grant Logan's unique gold jewellery quite well, being based on his logo design of an abstract oak leaf. Each segment of the gold leaf articulates to give a unique movement and flow to this delightful designer gold pendant.
To the Celts, the tree was a source of sustenance - a bearer of food, provider of shelter and fuel for cooking and warmth. Ancient Celts observed the oak's massive growth and impressive expanse and understandably took this as a clear sign that the oak was to be admired for its endurance and noble presence. Indeed, wearing oak leaves was a sign of special status among the Celts. Grant chose the oak leaf for his logo in part for its symbol of strength and endurance, but equally because he just loves the organic shape of the tree and its leaf at any time of the year, and certainly he has translated this appeal into this most unusual and creative hand made gold pendant.

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Gold Jewellery of Fine Quality Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Scotland