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9ct Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace

Gold cowrie shell necklace by Grant Logan cowrie shell necklace

Natural Kintyre - golden treasures from sea and land

Usually cowrie shells conjure up thoughts of idyllic tropical beaches rather than equally idyllic but west coast of Scotland beaches, but the original cowrie shell for this solid gold necklace came from one such sandy swathe of Kintyre. Our cowries tend to be small and delicate, and in Grant's opinion, all the more beautiful for it.
A cowrie is given as a wedding gift in some cultures as it is said to be a symbol of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth. Whatever your reason for this as a gift, the recipient is bound to fall in love with such a pretty feminine hand made gold necklace.

9 carat Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace supplied with an 16 inch 9 carat Yellow Gold Chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by Nature