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9ct Gold Intertwining Ivy Pendant

gold ivy design pendant by Grant Logan ivy covered tree

Natural Kintyre - golden treasures from sea and land

Ivy is a beautiful underrated plant, both the three lobed leaves themselves, and the way the stems intertwine around their host. Grant's wife had long tendrils of ivy in her wedding bouquet. Appropriately the ivy with its flowing twining stems and deep waxy green leaves also represent fidelity and marriage.
In this unusual gold pendant design Grant has focused on the intertwining stems on a tree trunk rather than the leaves themselves, including just the one ivy leaf for detail. The end result is an attractive and unique hand made gold necklace.
And, did you know that if you place a single ivy leaf under your pillow it will cause you to dream of your lover!

9 carat Gold Pendant of Intertwining Ivy on an 18 inch 9 carat Yellow Gold Chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by Nature