Unique Gold Jewellery ~ Natural Kintyre

9ct Gold Brooch ~ Hovering Kestrel

Gold hovering kestrel brooch by Grant Logan hovering kestrel sketch

Natural Kintyre - golden treasures from sea and land

Grant Logan's special gold wildlife jewellery has such a life-like quality, indicative of his keen eye and artistic flair as a skilled goldsmith.
This delightful hand made gold brooch depicting a hovering kestrel proves the point perfectly.
Kestrels and many other species of birds of prey can be observed quite readily in Kintyre, its wild remoteness and open landscape being a preferred habitat for these birds. Grant has captured the tell-tale hovering habit of this hunting kestrel with its pointed wings and long fan like tail to perfection.

9 carat Gold Hovering Kestrel Brooch

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by Nature