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Solid Gold Oystercatcher Cufflinks

Gold oystercatcher cufflinks by Grant Logan oystercatcher eggs

Natural Kintyre - golden treasures from sea and land

For the past several years a pair of oystercatcher birds have lovingly tended their eggs which they lay on the wall near Grant Logan's studio/workshop. Sadly their attempts to raise a family have met with little success, but their dogged and unflinching determination is to be admired...if not their intelligence.
These mostly monochrome waders with their bright beaks and legs have a high pitched call. It has a nervousness, but is somehow full of cheer and optimism.

It just happens that the oystercatcher is also the logo for Machrihanish Golf Club, so these locally hand made gold cufflinks would make an ideal gift for someone who has been fortunate enough to enjoy the challenges of this golf course.
A pair of hand crafted quality gold cufflinks make the perfect special gift for a man.

9 carat Gold Oystercatcher Cufflinks

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by Nature