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9ct Gold Cockle Shell Necklace

Gold shell pendant by Grant Logan Gold cockle shell pendant by Grant Logan Gold cockle shell pendant by Grant Logan shells on the Dhorlin

Natural Kintyre - golden treasures from sea and land

Shells of all shapes and sizes are thrown up onto Kintyre's beaches, and Grant and his family love foraging amongst this confetti of nature's bounty to see what has arrived with the tide.
The original cockle shell for this gold pendant came from one such adventure on the Dhorlin, the narrow causeway which joins Davaar Island to the mainland at low water.
To Grant, it is the innumerable tiny details of nature such as the regularity of the radial ribs fanning out from the apex of this shell which fascinate and draw the eye.
This natural quality is enough in itself to create this beautiful solid gold shell necklace.
Surely this is a piece of quality gold jewellery to warm the cockles of her heart!

9 carat Gold Shell Pendant Necklace supplied with an 18 inch 9 carat Yellow Gold Chain

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Scottish Gold Jewellery Hand Crafted in Kintyre, Inspired by Nature